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Learn Build Earn Review – Does Mark Ling LBE Course Really Work?

Learn Build Earn Review – Does Mark Ling LBE Course Really Work? Because of the development of the world and the development of its lifestyles, there has been something known as online marketing, and they used to rely on the promotion of the commodity and marketing on the ground face to face, but today they promote the commodity and market across the Internet around the world and not only on a particular environment, Internet marketing is one of the new methods in the world of marketing and selling. There are several sites interested in the promotion and marketing of goods and products, through the Internet and digital devices and mobile phones without the need for papers. The Mark Ling – Learn Build Earn Download methods of marketing success depends on the experience of the marketing officer, , And marketing methods followed.

Elements and tools of e-marketing

Summed up e-marketing elements in the product and distinguish it, the desired price, the target community, and how the distribution and promotion, communication processes and delivery, and e-marketing process you need many tools to make marketing a successful effective, these tools is to search electronic display product engines, social sites to promote product , YouTube and sites that explain the product in detail and how to purchase and the process of communication, and marketing program that displays the full product specifications, e-mail communication between marketing and customer employees, and the work of electronic advertising to display the product in a way m Gesture to the customer.

Learn Build Earn

Learn Build Earn

Opportunities and Challenges of Electronic Marketing

The development that transformed the world with its technology, which made the world develop it as a very small village, gave opportunities and challenges to the marketing staff,

Save time and effort with many marketing staff and clients.

Minimizing the barriers placed by the seller and the buyer, where the person buys his goods according to the specifications he wants without traveling or leaving his job.

Take more time to talk to the client, and delegate them.

Use technology and take care of it.

Provide many job opportunities for workers, and contribute to creating jobs for people with special needs.

Provide value added to the item.

Get rid of the role of a traditional marketing officer who has a lot of people refuse to deal with.

Advantages of e-marketing

Everything is new as a double-edged sword, it has advantages and disadvantages, and its advantages and disadvantages are summarized in:

The interaction remains constant and open at any time.

Gain customer confidence, get a large number of them.

Achieving a high ceiling profit.

Legal conditions for the ease of selling and buying in electronic marketing sites.

Protect customer information and accounts, and customers have the right to access their information for modification and deletion.

Easy access to the item to be purchased over the Internet, beyond time and space.

Marketing the product is open to all companies, regardless of their income, large, medium or small.

The mechanisms and methods of e-marketing are low cost.

Ability to identify strengths and weaknesses in their marketing processes.

Learn Build Earn