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The importance of setting goals in achieving success

The importance of setting goals in achieving success, God created man able to make history and a vine to all creatures and ridiculed everything in the universe for his service, and God Almighty to take the human reasons for the request for livelihood, he said, “Walk in the corner and eat of his livelihood and to Alnshor” take the reasons Rabbanit year we must diligence And not rely on them, because the reason does not benefit and harm only the will of the Almighty.

If the goal is lost, then it becomes active and ineffective, and failure does not affect the person except because of the lack of planning or negligence, or the distance from the scientific approach based on the vision. In order to avoid failure in life and achieve its goals, it must guide him at every step of His steps. There is no doubt that the loss of the goal loses the will also, and the loss of will does not have a plan in life, and lost the plan will certainly be part of the plans of others and machine in their hands, and will not control the fate of the future, as it is the other who is the representative of his decisions in decision-making, But to stick to those decisions, good or bad, and often those decisions are not in his interest.

The loss of the target means the loss of the axis of life. Without the axis, the person’s position is disturbed within himself, in his actions and in his relations with others, as is the matter in the atom when it loses its nucleus. The movement of the electrons becomes unstable and the process of running is colliding and exploding the rest of the atoms. Is essential in the life of man and nation, and concern about it is a terrible mistake, because it will miss the opportunity for all opportunities on the owner, who are you? And what you want? You can not know who you are, if you do not know what you want in Reality Bending Secrets, without knowing what you want, are not you yourself?

The importance of goal setting

A successful person is the one who moves, moves, behaves and speaks according to predetermined goals and works to achieve them. A person who has no goals will remain in place. The importance of defining the goal becomes clearer if we know that this process affects the human mind and thus proceeds towards the goal automatically.

One of the keys to success is goal setting. It is known that the science of self-development is still modern to the Arab environment, although the West has long since crystallized. One of the principles of this science is that in order to succeed, you must set your goal clearly and accurately, and set the right time to achieve that goal. To be achievable, it must be realistic, commensurate with your abilities. Charles says in his book Higher Self: Without goals your life will move from one problem to another instead of moving from one opportunity to another, and a person without a goal as a rider without a rudder will end up with a collision with rocks. Inevitably ;;

Dr. Robert Scholler says in his book Positive Power: ‘Goals are not only necessary for our motivation but also essential to keep us alive.’ Determining your goals and achieving them will give you the feeling that you are controlling the direction of your life, God willing, you decide what you want and which way you go, Do not leave it to the circumstances and others choose your life, which gives you a great sense of self-confidence and a sense of the power that God gave you. Says Cecil B. De Mille: (The person who makes success in life is the person who sees his goal firmly, and seeks it directly, that is dedication).

“Focusing all your energies on a specific set of goals is something that can more than anything else add strength to your life,” says Nido Kopin. “This confidence increases when you glimpse the triumph of victory and you see yourself coming closer to achieving your goals, and then it will not stop you There is something to attain your hopes, and you will find yourself in the power to face any obstacle between you and them. By setting your goals, you win a fortune that is not worth billions of land, because you earn your own life, which is priceless,

“The only wealth you deserve is to have a goal in life,” says Jacqueline Kennedy. “It’s not the poor who has no money, but the poor man has no dream.” The process of setting goals is one of the most important processes on which the success of human life is built, without which man is lost and lost in the midst of possible trends. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “All people become self-sellers.” So, every person in this life goes on and on. There are those who go to a clear path that benefits himself in this world and the Hereafter. There are those who flounder right and left. In his collection of good shares and future visions the good thing.

Achieving the goal helps you determine what is important for you to accomplish in your life, and separates the important from things that have nothing to do with your success and what you want to achieve, and motivates you to strive and build your confidence based on your success in achieving the goals.

Reality Bending Secrets

Reality Bending Secrets

Benefits of Goal Setting:

1. Self-control: When you have a structured and parallel goal-setting program that includes all aspects of your life, you will feel more in control of your life. Whatever happens you will be in control of your destiny. You decide which directions to choose and when to reach your desired goal. , And your sense of control will help you eliminate any obstacles you face, if you take the risk.

2. Trust yourself: When you become more self-confident and confident, your confidence will increase as well, and you will be more confident in your success. Eastern Keys Review will make you more positive, and make you believe that you can achieve your goals and transform your dreams into Indeed, when you have confidence and self-control, one thing will not stand in the way of your success.

3. Self-worth: If you achieve one of your goals, your self-confidence will increase, you will feel better about yourself, you will believe in your abilities and abilities, and it will not be long before you notice that your self is increasing day by day.

4. Time management: You will be more precise and focused in your quest to achieve the goal, if you describe a time frame to achieve this goal, the more you want to achieve your goals, the more you have to pay attention to how you spend your time, You can not achieve one without the other.

5. Better Life: If you have a structured and balanced program to set goals, then you will be more focused on your goals, leading to a higher level of life and will become more motivating, more energy, better off, and happier.

How to determine the target

The first step to setting personal goals is to consider what you want to achieve in your life. Or at least within 10 years. After determining what goals you want to achieve, you have a complete perception of other aspects of the implementation decision. To provide a comprehensive and balanced coverage of all important aspects of your life, you should define your goals as follows:

1 – Providing the necessary information to achieve the goal – the mental map and the external reality – Information filters Language – previous experiences – beliefs and values ​​disabled – Deception and limited senses.

2 – Belief in the goal and its value and importance and priority over others and adds to life new and firm conviction and so on the extent of your belief in the importance of your goal and necessity for you and your approach to be the amount of your creativity and your work and your efforts and the recruitment of all your energies to reach it.

3 – Study the consequences and implications of achieving this goal for you and others and to ensure their validity and affordability.

4 – to imagine the goal has been achieved a clear and positive perception of all senses and imagine yourself as you live the stage of achieving the goal in detail and enjoy it because it stimulates your energies and directs your thinking towards creativity in how to reach the goal.

5 – The goal is possible to be realistic, not imaginary imaginary because many people live their lives in the skies of illusions and fantasies and others live prisoners of the present do not exceed it is appropriate for you is estimated to achieve and possess or estimated to have the resources needed to achieve.

6 – The goal is feasible as it is not enough to be possible, but must be the goal when it is achieved the greatest benefit and useful and the most important and the highest value of the price that is provided to reach it and this requires knowledge of the price of time, money, effort, relationships and other and are you ready and able to pay and Is the time to offer parts of that price.

7. The objective should be legitimate.

8 – to know that you are the primary responsible for achieving your goal and that the efforts of others to do so do not exceed the assistance that must be identified and knowledge and ensure access and seek to provide.

9 – to determine in your Manifestation Millionaire plan a time to reach your goal and to formulate in a way that enables you to measure your proximity to the achievement of the goal and how much of what was achieved at any stage of the circus to the goal.

10. Identify in detail the obstacles that you expect to face in your way and how they can be overcome, whether physical or individual

Stand up and plan for your life

Easy success .. Difficult!

Social (resistance to change – the loss of others).

11 – Consult the experts and a lot of questions to them to use their expertise and benefit from them.

12. Divide the larger goal into smaller goals each time you achieve one as you get closer to achieving the larger goal in its final form.

13 – Do not look at your goal without need to know him (Use your needs to keep secret).

Characteristics of appropriate targets:

1 – Within your abilities and skills: You must know the strengths and weaknesses in your personality so that you can set realistic goals can be implemented.

2 – Realism: Writing an article in the day is a realistic thing, writing five articles is something unrealistic, writing ten articles a day is impossible except for those who managed to do so. Select the realistic goal.

3. Achievable: It is important to set achievable goals yourself and in the right way. Do not rely on others to set goals or achieve them. They do not know how well you can achieve these goals. You do not have to be very high goals so as not to be subjected to difficult obstacles you can not overcome them with your abilities and skills, but your expectation in the problems.

4. Flexible: Sometimes things may not go as you wish or in the way you expected. Do not freeze in your place. Edit your goal and make it reusable. Put the changes you need to achieve until you reach what you wish.

5. Measurable: It is important that you can measure your progress toward the goal. It is important to know what time period you have taken. Failure to measure your progress and success, when to stop, produces a lost effort and mistakes you do not need.

6. Under your control: You are the only one who can control the course of things to achieve the goal and what to do and at any time. Do not depend on anyone other than you, who only knows his abilities and skills to achieve.


Man’s vision of himself and his abilities form the link with his vision of life around him to define his goals. The axis of the vision of man himself leads him to begin to identify himself, determines the strengths and weaknesses, knows himself to achieve or achieve the goals he sees. Determining a goal is not a difficult question, but it is the vision that will determine the goal that requires effort, dedication and honesty.

From the above it is clear to us that the existence of a goal or goals in our lives is what makes us know more closely what work we will do tomorrow, and it helps us to constantly feel the surrounding conditions and conditions, which makes us in a state of constant vigilance and adaptability Required. As we have said, the goal is the outcome at the end of an order, and the Manifestation Masterkey of any order, whether the person who ordered the order or the signatory is planned to set goals or not, and the difference between the two, which we would like to point out that the unplanned thing happens without interference from it Or the planner’s clear vision and specific goal make it sets a time plan for each stage of achieving the goal, which saves time.