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Digital Worth Academy Review, CASE STUY & Bonus by Real Student

Hey, are you looking for someone who can help you to get an overview about Digital Worth Academy?
Are you confused in:

• Is DW Academy Program profitable for you or not?
• Are you able to learn and follow Digital Worth Academy easily or not?
• Which things are included in the DWA program that can help you to make 6 figures a month?
• Is Digital Worth Academy Program Legit?

All you need is to read my complete review of Digital Worth Academy system and then you will be ready to make your decision.

What is Digital Worth Academy all about?

DWA is a program that is developed by Sara Young and Andrew Hansen which takes initiative to teach people about Digital Marketing in simple ways. This program will upskill the students with the actual techniques to make a successful blog that will convert better and generate passive income.

DWA is a Web-based software and a Training program that will help you to:

• Find less competitive and profitable keywords in Big Niches.
• Setup Blogs with Rich Content
• Provide you best Search Engine Optimization techniques to rank better and Monetize it.

Digital Worth Academy

About the Creators (Sara Young and Andrew Hansen)

Sara Young and Andrew Hansen are primarily the creators of Digital Worth Academy Program. They both are the pioneer in the skills which they are coaching.

Sara Young is a mother of seven and a top affiliate marketer with a lot of experience in the Digital Marketing.

Andrew Hansen is also a top-level affiliate marketer with the passion to teach his students very effectually. There is a quality which is common in both and which makes them unique in Digital Marketing world that is they teach their students to make your customer fully satisfied. They believe that we should take proper care of our customer and don’t just focus to make money. Quality and Customer satisfaction should be the priority.

How Does Digital Worth Academy Work?

The three core factors in DW Academy course are:

• Guiding them about how to find out the best niches to work on. Those Niches from which other people are unaware and no other blogger is getting into that. How to look for monetization methods in that niche? And how to find out the best keywords that work better? All these things will be cover in that module.

• After the research, the focus will be on setting up an efficient blog with less effort and high productivity. Building up a blog from scratch and putting the rich content gradually to make its authority high.

• Now it’s time to show your creativity. In this module, the Digital Worth Academy course will teach about the Search Engine Optimization techniques and methods that will generate tons of traffic organically and efficiently.

Why are they using SEO?

These simple steps work better than any other online strategy. Because SEO helps you to target your audience more specifically. SEO is also cheaper you must understand the Search Engine Algorithms and best SEO tactics. There is nothing harm in it. No need to pay too much on other Paid Advertising Platforms. You cannot target the traffic form any other paid method which you can easily target from SEO.

We are not able to target 100 of keywords in the Paid Advertisement. It will cost us too much. But in SEO we can target as many keywords as we need in our blog.

For Example: If a person wants to buy “tattoo mobile cover for S8” and other is looking for “flower mobile cover for S8” and the third one is looking for “fruits design mobile cover for S8”. So, we cannot target all different keywords in one ad campaign. But we can target all such related keywords in single article of our blog.

And when we get higher rank in Search Engine our traffic will be autopilot. As compare to other Marketing Strategies when our Ad finishes, Our Traffic will also Finish.

With SEO you can scale out more targeted traffic with fewer resources. The core objective is you should have done the first two steps very carefully that’s your Niche Research and Blog setup. When you will have a strong foundation then you can pick up any Niche and make a good income from that.

Digital Worth Academy Course and Coaching Details

There are 30 modules in the DW Academy course which include more than 100 videos. The modules are designed to step by step guides to provide you complete knowledge about the work. If you will follow each and everything according to the modules then you are going to list your name in the list of successful persons.

Sara Young and Andrew Hansen with their old successful students will also conduct live coaching sessions through online meeting means. Students can join them also them and get things to understand better.

Other Features of the Digital Worth Academy Program:

Software Tools:

They will also provide some tools in the DW Academy system that will help you to do your tasks easily:

• Diamond Keyword Miner Plus.
• Profit Calculator
• The Commission Wizard V2.0

Functionality and uses of these tools will be guided in the Digital Worth Academy Training course.


Both mentors want their student to become successful. They will provide support also through their Private Facebook Groups, Forums, and other membership areas. These are the places where students can get full support from Course team and make bonding, share tips, issues with one another.

Digital Worth Academy Price

Both mentors of the Digital Worth Academy course decided to launch this course at a price of $1997. And there is also an option to pay three payments of $797.

Is Digital Worth Academy Legitimate?

The Digital Worth Academy System is legit and it has also a 60 days money back guarantee. The Retailer is Clickbank so the DW Academy training program is safe and no risk. The course is 100% recommended and will launch on 21 August 2018.

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DW Academy